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Getting Started
Thank you for registering to participate in the #GeoViz Hackathon!
Check out these three posts to decide which project you want to work on:
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ESRI story map
Hi! So here it is. The highlight of your day. A story map about the life cycle of critical minerals based on the report published by the USGS. All source citations are found on the last slide of the story. The view embedded here isn't the most convenient and some of the images are stretched out, but everything is there. To see the text for each slide, hit the Learn More icon. If you want to see the full, original view, here is the link: http://arcg.is/1gK3PWW
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Today I looked at some of the D3 tutorials and I tried to figure out the code for some of the sample graphics. I was able to understand some of the simple ones and get them to work, but considering the complexity that will be required for visualizing the data, I needed to find another way. At least for now.
So I did some research for good software that I could use to create graphs and maps. After some experimentation with various resources, I found one that I particularly liked. With Tableau Public I created 3 visuals using some USGS data about the impact of Hurricane Sandy. This tool allows me to represent data in an appealing and easy-to-understand way with many different formats to choose from. It doesn't require any code, so I'll be focusing on becoming more familiar with all the tools and finding the best way to represent different types of data. I had some trouble modifying the labels on the axes and I haven't decided how I will handle large data sets just yet, so I'll just have to keep working at it.
Graph 1
Each of the bubbles represents a different region in New Jersey or New York hit by Hurricane Sandy. The relative size is the extent of the damage to businesses in each area. You can see the total number of businesses hit by hovering over a bubble with your mouse. 
Graph 2
Here I focused on accommodation and food service businesses (such as hotels and restaurants) damaged by flood waters in each of the regions surveyed by USGS. I chose to do a sideways bar graph because it's fairly easy to see how the numbers varied from region to region. Hovering over each bar provides the specific values.
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Here are the 3 USGS civic hacking projects related to data visualizations:
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